Ray detector 4040 Radioaktivitätsmessgerät

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9320.008 - Radioactivity meter
The RayDetector 4040 is a Geiger counter (radioactivity meter), different from similar analog types which are difficult to read. It's equipped with a digital display and the sensor is a Geiger-Muller halogen tube.
It is possible to get the radioactivity measurement in the following units: 
mRem/h, μSievert/h, cps or cpm.
When a ionogenic radiation, with sufficient energy, comes into contact with the Geiger Muller tube, a lightning indicator (red led on the right of the display) and a buzzer are activated.

Application fields
- Survey of personal exposure
- Verification of material of unknown origin
- Search of radioactive minerals

Technical features
Sensor: Geiger Muller tube (41mm x 15mm diameter)
: 8 digits alphanumeric, 48x11mm
Radiation sensitivity: Alpha, Beta and Gamma
Range: 0,01 - 100μSv/h (equivalent to 0,001 - 10 mRem/h)
Units: milliRem/h, 
μSv/h, pulse/sec, pulse/min, totalizer
Buzzer: can be disabled
Stats Function: useful to know the average radioactivity during 1 hour or 1 day
Power consumption: on average less than 4 mA, so the instrument can measure over 100 hours with alkaline batteries.
Power supply: 1 battery 9V (included)
Dimensions: 200x95x40mm
Weight: 240g
Standard accessories: plastic carrying case


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