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9802.001 - 5 digit contact
Digitaker 9802.001 is a microcomputer based digital tachometer for rotation and feed speed measurements by means of a hard rubber contactor placed on the outlet spindle of the device itself. Digitaker has a measuring range from 0.2 to 30,000 r.p.m. with automatic decimal point selection in order to ensure a high degree of reading accuracy. A calibrated rubber wheel is provided for linear speed measurements directly in m/min or feet/min. Digitaker is provided with an auxiliary imput for optional external sensor fitting.
Technische Merkmale
Readout: 5 digit ultrabright Led displays
Accuracy: ±0.1 r.p.m. up to 999.9 r.p.m. - ±0.005% from 1,000 to 100,000 r.p.m.
Power supply: 4 batteries UM3 1.5V
Operating temperature: from 0 a 45ºC
Dimensions: 180x60mm
Weigt: 0.4kg
Measuring range: from 2.0 to 30,000 r.p.m.
Measuring period: 1 second
Standard accessories: plastic case for tachometer and sensors - set of 7 hard rubber tips. Rubber wheel to measure m/min and feet/min.
Rotation speed measurement
- Contact the tachometer tip to the shaft center of the rotating part..
- Press the Measure push-botton.
- Releasing the push-button, the measured value is held in memory.
Linear speed measurement
- Apply the hard rubber wheel to the tachometer outlet spindle.
- Select through the SEL push-button the desired measuring unit (m/min).
Optional sensors
8830.001 Contact sensor
8810.001 Optical sensor
8810.010 Proximity switch


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