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9210 - Multifunction tachometer
The instrument computes the speed value according to the input pulse frequency coming from the external detector (proximity, pick-up, optical detector, etc..)
Frequency meter
The instrument computes the input pulse frequency value. This value can be converted into another unit format in order to correspond to the desired measuring unit.
Input pulses coming from an external sensor (proximity, pick-up, etc..) are totalized. This value can be converted into another unit format in order to correspond to the desired measuring unit.
When the "SIGNAL" input is connected to GROUND the timer starts counting until the input returns to the open condition.

Technical features
Display: 5 digit high efficiency LED 13mm height
Accuracy: ±0.005% ±1 digit
Overflow indication
Hold function
Max and min value memory
4 function decimal point (0-1-2)
Parameters are easily set on the front panel keyboard
2 alarm relays fully programmable

Sensors: optical detector, proximity, pick-up, contact sensor, encoder, etc..
Sensors power supply: 12 Vdc/30ma or 5Vdc/30ma
Input waveform
Sinusoidal: min 100mVpp ( at 1KHz), max 50Vac
Square or open-collector: low=0-1.5 high=4-30V
Input load (pick-up): 18KΩ
Input load (signal): 2KΩ
Minimum frequency rate
Tachometer: 2 giri/min (1 pulse per rev)
Frequency meter: 0,034Hz
Maximum frequency rate
Tachometer and frequency meter: 60 KHz
Totalizer: 4 KHz
Alarm relays
Max allowed current: 1A at 125 Vac
Max commutating power: 50VA 
Power supply
9210.001 Multifunction tachometer 220Vac
9210.002 Multifunction tachometer 110Vac
9210.003 Multifunction tachometer 12Vdc
9210.004 Multifunction tachometer 24Vdc
9210.005 Multifunction tachometer 24Vac
9210.006 Multifunction tachometer 12Vac

9010.100 Analog output 0-10V e 4-20mA
9010.200 RS232C optoinsulated for remote connection to host computer

Multifunction 1.0.exe
Software to Capture, Datalog and program the 9210 multifunction by RS232

License: Freeware
O.S.: Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP
File size: 54Kb



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